Too stressed? Too stumped in your work load and daily worries? Itching to move and express and taste a sense of liberation? What of there is a way to wriggle out of the ‘in the rut’ and ‘stuck’ feeling and… DANCE?!?!

Dance to free your mind and body. Dance to express yourself. Dance to relax. Dance to get away from your usual obligations.

Join our “IMPROV JAM”
A co-hosted event of Daloy Dance Company and Wider and Wider Circle

  1. Date : Nov 30 Wed
    Time : 7-730pm Workshop, 730-930pm Improv Jam
    Participation Fee: Php 250
    Venue: 494 Lt. Artiaga San Juan, The PARC Foundation Studio
    Live music: SURPRISE! We will post details soon!
  2. Date: Dec 4 Friday               Time: 330-4pm Workshop, 4-6pm Improv Jam.   Participation Fee: Php 250. Venue: Music Artes Studio in Kalayaan Ave, Makati.          Live Music by Adinkra Lumads Djembe Society (plus Dona and David Esteban are bringing some lovey percussions and anyone can play with them for the merry music-making 🙂 )


Based on movement and contact imporvisation, Ea Torrado, Director of Daloy Dance Co. will lead us through a 30-minute facilitated workshop to introduce basic elements in Contact Improvisation. This will be followed by two more hours of just pure spontaneous, improvisational movement where we can dance and fully express ourselves through our beautiful, amazing bodies.


Musicians are welcome to join this jam. Kindly bring your own instruments.

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring your own water and snacks if necessary.

Unleash the dancer in you, and the Dance in you! Join our Improv workshop and jam on Nov 30 and Dec 4! Dance to de-stress and discover. Explore, play and have fun!


WIDER AND WIDER CIRCLES is a women’s gathering focused on practical and grounded ways to embody the feminine in our daily lives. These circles are meant to encourage women to bring changes into their lives and eventually host their own gatherings for the purpose of embodying a feminine approach to wellbeing.
FB GROUP: Embodying a Feminine Approach to Wellbeing

DALOY DANCE CO. is an experimental dance theatre collective led by artistic director, Ea Torrado. Daloy provides and cultivates a community for dance artists and collaborators, to work together with the vision of employing dance and theatre as a strong, unifying tool in our society today;
FB PAGE: Daloy Dance Company

Contact Zyda Baaya (0977) 256 8412 or for reservations

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