Unleash Your Inner Kid – Sayaw Galaw

Daloy Dance Co. and Wider and Wider Circles, together with Music Artes, are hosting SAYAW GALAW- Music and Movement IMPROV WORKSHOP AND JAM ~ Themed : Unleashing The Inner Kid

Inhabit your body with full presence and move from a place of fierce truthtelling and authenticity. Let us dance our bodies to the ecstasy of being wholly (holy!) in the Now and discover how it can enliven our daily living.

Unleashing the Inner Kid” seeks to co-create a safe movement playground with the participants to recapture and bring forth their innate playfulness, boldness, and creativity.
An earthy and live soundscape takes every curious child in us to explore freedom of movement from within, from an exciting exchange of physicality reminiscent of play, to the calmness of lullabies.
Join us for an Embodiment Workshop with Buboy Raquitico from 3:30pm-4pm followed by an Improv Jam with Daloy Dance Company and Wider and Wider Circles with live music from 4-6pm.
Contribution: Php350
-No dance experience needed. 

-Bring water and healthy snacks to share.

-Musicians are welcome to join this jam. Kindly bring your own instruments.

Contact Jomari Cruz (0916) 976 1696 for reservations
Poster by Buboy Raquitico

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