Wailing Women at Pineapple Lab

Pineapple Lab’s Artist-in-Residence Program presents “Wailing Women” by Ea Torrado. This work attempts to understand the inarticulable interior experience of ‘grieving’. Incorporating elements of storytelling, naturalistic movements and dance, Wailing Women embodies the different manifestations of coming to terms with loss.
July 27 8PM 

July 30 6PM 
PINEAPPLE LAB, 6071 R. Palma St., Makati 1210

Contact rsvp@pineapplelab.ph or call +6328345763 for tickets

From female narratives of loss – loss of a friend, an idea, a home, identity, a sense of self, to stories of ‘the crying ladies’ and the many wailing widows and mothers found in the crime scenes of the ongoing Philippine war on drugs, “Wailing Women” ponders and embodies unresolved pain and bereavement.
Directed and performed by Daloy Artistic Director and Pineapple Lab’s Resident Artist, Ea Torrado, Wailing Women is a co-production of Daloy Dance Company and Pineapple Lab. It will be presented at Pineapple Lab on July 27 & 30, 2017, and at The Goyang International Dance Festival in South Korea and Kultura Filipino Arts Festival in Toronto, Canada in August.
Photos by Ballet Photography Manila 

Sound design by Buboy Raquitico

Production Assistance by Kathrina Canlas

Thank you to ASAM, RISEUP, Redemptorist Church for supporting the research of this project. 


Ea Torrado is a Filipina contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer. She is the founder and artistic director of Manila-based dance theatre group, Daloy.

Ea seeks to understand impositions of identity by investigating the Body as space, as shell, as suppository of our memories, and investigate the connections between personal experiences and larger social and political structures in the Philippines.

Her full-length works Dots (2013), Nga-nga (2013), Dysmorphilia (2014) and Pieces of Me (2015), investigate notions of personal confinement and showed non-linear stories where the characters attempt to journey from disempowerment to liberation and/or despair. Filipinas (2014), Sisa (2014), Canton (2014) and Silenced (2016), has politically charged themes that explored Filipino identity and feminism.

Wailing Women and Unearthing are a continuation of her investigation of the inner space or “loob” and its relationship with indignant narratives that are relevant to the healing of the Filipina.

Ea will be in New York for a 6-month Research Residency as an Asian Cultural Council Fellow. She will focus on further exploring dance as a healing practice by structuring a curriculum for a new movement language called Daloy.
Join Wailing Women’s FB Event Page  https://www.facebook.com/events/149072295655717??ti=ia

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